Whoever gets the most business cards wins. NOT!

Many people think of Networking as whoever collects the most business cards wins, or who gets the most sales wins.

Sure, sales are important, but with networking, I, and so many others, think of networking as developing a relationship with someone. You want to get to know someone.

As the character Dave, in the movie by the same name, says at the end, something to the effect that he should care more about the people, of the country, than he cares about himself. After all, being (President) is a temp job at best.

You want to be a connector, and connect the people to other people, companies, etc.

I constantly think of how I can connect someone to another person or company. Sometimes, people have a tough time following me because my thoughts seem random.

What are your thoughts about networking?

Do you think of collecting the most business cards at an event is networking?

Do you think of everyone as a dollar sign?

Do you belong to the WIIFFM (What Is in It For Me) school?

Think about it…

What type person are you, and what type of person do you like to meet, or be with?