Business Cards – K.I.S.S.

There are many types of business cards. The next time that you receive one, or several, think about the other person’s card.

What does it say about them, their company?

A business card is very tactile – One of the first things you do is feel it.

  • Is it heavy weight, or is it light?
  • Is it shiny on one side or both sides?
  • Does it have raised type? (Thermography) Or, is it smooth?

To be honest, I find that many people are using a heavier card nowadays, myself included. I also use a shiny card, although, I have found that you can’t write on it.

Is their photograph on it? – Frequently, their card is the one thing you have to remember them by.

You want to make sure that the photo is fairly up to date. If you use a picture from your high school or college yearbook, it may look a little dated. Also, because of today’s technology, the photo should be in color.

It is interesting that most real estate agents have their photo on their card. Others should take a page from their book.

Logo – If your company has a logo, you should include it.

Font – Make sure that the font is legible to the naked eye. Some fonts are pretty, but when they are photo-reduced onto a card, they are impossible.

Background – A scene or reproduction of your work may be nice, but can you read it if there is typing over it.

Darkness – A dark card will not photocopy well, and it will be difficult to read.

The Bottom Line is: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart). A simple business card with the basic information that is legible is easy to read.